That's right, the hotter than hot French remix think-tank Justice has been asked to vamp up U2's latest efforts, 'Put On Your Boots,' making a band that keeps trying to stay relevant...almost relevant. No word yet on when the single will see an official release. Either way, Justice is definitely lowering the age level of U2 listeners dramatically. Stream it below:

(Track courtesy of Stereogum)

As with all things internet related, I was a little weary of anything that popped up on the world wide web this April Fool's day, but the Bumbershoot lineup, leaked by Billboard, doesn't seem over-the-top enough to be a fake (UPDATE: Initial lineup confirmed by ReelOne staff). So who's worth mentioning? Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, Modest Mouse, De La Soul, No Age, MSTRKRFT, the Long Winters and Matt & Kim. 

And, oh yeah, KATY PERRY! I'm not even going to pretend I'm not front-row center for that one. No joke. No seriously. I will literally be front row center, if not stalking her trailer beforehand. Weird lineup thus far (also including Sheryl Crow). Can't wait to see who else pops up.



To celebrate the new releases of Michael Zapruder's Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope and 1090 Club's Natural Selection, SideCho is giving away an exclusive package to one lucky person! You will receive a copy of 'Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope', 'Natural Selection', Michael Zapruder Tshirt, Posters from Michael and 1090 Club, and more. All you have to do is sign up for the SideCho Records Newsletter by emailing Dooo it!


If you've ever seen United State of Electronica live, you'll know it's impossible not to get up and dance. And by get up, I mean literally get up on stage and dance with the rest of 'em. USE has been a Seattle staple for years, and now finally, after five years since their self-titled full length, the emerald city beatmakers will be charming the world with a new release. Check out a sneak peak at the band's newest efforts:

United State of Electronica - 'All the World'


If you've ever followed the many forms of Dance Hall Hips in the past, or are privy to the musical aspects of my life, you'll know I'm a huge sucker for anything Ben Gibbard related. This week Stereogum gave us the pleasure of releasing Death Cab's entire new EP, Open Door


Modest Mouse has got a new EP full of odd's and ends, headed your way entitled No One's First and You're Next, following the paradoxical, ironic, literally titles Mr. Brock seems to love. Prior the EP's release the band is releasing an orange 7"-vinyl for "Satellite Skin" (b/w "Guilty Cocker Spaniels"), followed by three more 7". Here's the EP's traclist:

"Autumn Beds"
"Guilty Cocker Spaniels"
"I've Got It All (Most)"
"King Rat"
"Satellite Skin"
"Tie the Lake Down"
"The Whale Song"


Seattle's famous Crocodile Cafe is reopening/mending many broken indie hearts. One of the venue's first shows will be put on by a wonderful website Three Imaginary Girls, which I coincidentally enough have contributed to in the past. TIG is run by some lovely ladies with extraordinary tastes in music. The TIG sponsored concert, which happens April 4th (and no this is not a prank), features such local Seattle acts as "Awesome", Boat, Tullycraft, and the up-and-coming band who's accumulated some remarkable buzz already, Iji. Ticket's are only $10. I plan on being there to snap some pics and maybe even snag a few interviews. If you're in the Seattle area, definitely check this show out!



Though she may have sauntered onto the mainstream platform a little these days, Ingrid Michaelson undeniably beautiful voice makes up for any "indie cred" you think she might've lost. Check out this newly released video for "Breakable" off her 2008 effort Boys & Girls.

See it here


After wearing out my leaked copy of Veckatimest, I got fairly sick of the terrible sound quality it had to offer. Thanks to Grizzly Bear, we can experience something a little more...ok....a LOT more listenable for the time being. The band is offering "Cheerleader" on their website for free. Sure, it's not the whole album, but it's certainly regained my interest for the album. Check it out:

Grizzly Bear - "Cheerleader" (via


Maybe it's my weak spot for young indie girls, or maybe it's my weak spot for young indie girls, but I'm loving Canadian musician Lights. This little sweet slice of heaven, who also goes by the name Valerie Poxleitner, is chipping away at her first full-length. The Toronto 21-year-old already has an EP, and a couple music videos under her neon hipster belt. Check out her Myspace to hear tracks off her latest EP.