MIA's made TIME magazine's Top 100 Influential People list for 2009. Apparently sampling the Clash and being featured on a movie trailer lands you such a coveted spot these days. Regardless, she's clearly a talented individual, already sampled by the likes of T.I. and crew.

In other news, MIA recently twittered that she's 'recording swine flu'...perhaps a current eevnts inspired sequel to 'Bird Flu'...or a joke. I wouldn't put either past her
It's official, George Harrison has finally recieved a star on Hollywood's walk of fame...if even means anything anymore. Dance Hall Hips' favorite Beatle will also see his first Greatest Hits album as a solo artist.

In other Beatles news, a new live performance of John Lennon and his Plastic Ono Band in Toronto circa 1969 is being released on DVD. Buy it here.
Yep, good ol' fishstick lovin' Yeezy has teamed up with Clipse to release "Kinda Like A Big Deal". I hear it's no small afair. Hopefully an early summer jam. Clipse has been known to put out amazing hip-hop and Kanye pumps out some pop gems. This is basically a guaranteed hit.

Clipse - Kinda Like A Big Deal"
It's Record Store Day! Time to get out and buy some collector vinyl. I'm working today so I'm gonna be missing out on some nice little finds like Modest Mouse's new 7" and the Thao Nguyen/Thermals split. Also, excited about the new Wilco DVD. Go snatch 'em up now. Go to www.recordstoreday.com to check out the participating stores in your area.

The creator of the 'Wall of Sound' music movement, Phil Spector, has been convicted of 2nd Degree Murder after a fatal Russian Roulette incident where Spector was behind the trigger. Apparently the one-time Beatle producer thinks 'Happiness is a Warm Gun,' too. Too soon? Now he's looking at 15 years to life. That's what he gets for Let It Be.

Sigur Ros frontman Jón Þór Birgisson, along with partner Alex Somers have announced they will be releasing an all instrumental on July 20th. According to the artists, who will be releasing the album under the moniker Riceboy Sleeps, the 68-minute album is 'played solely on acoustic instruments in Iceland (and featuring long-time string collaborators Amiina, as well as the Kopavogsdaetur choir) and then endlessly toyed with on solar-powered laptops in a raw food commune in some far corner of Hawaii.'
That's right, the hotter than hot French remix think-tank Justice has been asked to vamp up U2's latest efforts, 'Put On Your Boots,' making a band that keeps trying to stay relevant...almost relevant. No word yet on when the single will see an official release. Either way, Justice is definitely lowering the age level of U2 listeners dramatically. Stream it below:

(Track courtesy of Stereogum)

As with all things internet related, I was a little weary of anything that popped up on the world wide web this April Fool's day, but the Bumbershoot lineup, leaked by Billboard, doesn't seem over-the-top enough to be a fake (UPDATE: Initial lineup confirmed by ReelOne staff). So who's worth mentioning? Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, Modest Mouse, De La Soul, No Age, MSTRKRFT, the Long Winters and Matt & Kim. 

And, oh yeah, KATY PERRY! I'm not even going to pretend I'm not front-row center for that one. No joke. No seriously. I will literally be front row center, if not stalking her trailer beforehand. Weird lineup thus far (also including Sheryl Crow). Can't wait to see who else pops up.



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If you've ever seen United State of Electronica live, you'll know it's impossible not to get up and dance. And by get up, I mean literally get up on stage and dance with the rest of 'em. USE has been a Seattle staple for years, and now finally, after five years since their self-titled full length, the emerald city beatmakers will be charming the world with a new release. Check out a sneak peak at the band's newest efforts:

United State of Electronica - 'All the World'